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  • On Mar.13,2017, opening ceremony of the foundation laying of Intretech Innovative Industrial Park was held successfully in Dongfu,
    Haicang district, Xiamen city. The industrial park will support Intretech’s mission to build a ten-billion- dollar business and to set as a model of smart manufacturing in China.

    Some business partners of Intretech, city leaders including deputy mayor (Mr. Huiyue Li),chairman of Wanlida Group and Intretech (Mr. Kaiting Wu), CEO of Intretech (Mr. Songhua Lin) together with other guests attended the ceremony.
    Mr. Kaiting Wu gave a speech on the ceremony. He said, Intretech Innovative Industrial Park would not only meet the ever-increasing demand of the markets, but also create more jobs, cultivate more talents, and accelerate the industrial development in Haicang and adjacent areas.
    Several representatives of customers delivered speech at the ceremony, expressing best wishes to Intretech and confirming commitments for future cooperation.Songhua Lin, CEO of Intretech declared start to lay foundation.With fireworks, firecrackers and good wishes from guests, the ceremony was successfully closed.

  • To reflect main business activities and future commitment in automotive electronics,
    also to identify itself as member of Intretech group, Xiamen Xoceco New Technic Co.,
    Ltd. officially renamed as Xiamen Intretech Automotive Electronics. Co., Ltd. On Nov.29, 2016.

  • LIKEGO will participate in the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 as exhibitor from Sep 22~Sep 29, 2016 Booth no: Hall 11, B07.                        

  • Internet of things (IOT) as the latest development direction of today’s technology,
    it is an important tool for companies to achieve industrial upgrading and development of innovation.
    XOCECO New Technical Company has been committed to the development of automotive electrical products,
    especially our automotive monitor and TV set-top boxes are in industry-leading level,
    with the significant investment to the development of the internet system, we have accumulated lots of experience in system development field.
    By the wind of IOT’s development in recent years, and combined with our own technology, we have reached a strategic cooperation with Xiamen Radio and TV Group, to develop this elevator display intelligent terminal system.Product features
    1.Security assistant when taking the elevator Elevator parameters real-time display: Level info, up-down instruction, elevator door status, operating speed, etc.Warning function: when a fault detected, it will automatically broadcast appease video and guide to rescue.
    Alarm function: Press alarm button, online conversation with administrator, manual guidance repair or report the error.
    Elevator Safety Tips: Through pictures, captions prompted boarding Precautions.
    Internet security: Open internet security system, automatically upload fault video.
    Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring the elevator situation, save the video.
    2.Better audio visual and personalized advertising customization
    TV broadcast: Can smoothly play HD DTMB programs.
    A variety of video sources display: can display TV, streaming media, IP streaming, local video.
    Customized advertising: video, images, subtitles, web pages, documents can be customized.
    Instant Messaging: Pops up instant  messages.
    HD quality: HDMI output: resolution of 1920 *1080.
    Personalized setting: Optional of setting time/ date/ week/ weather and other information.
    Multiple signal mode: Though 3G/ Wi-Fi /Ethernet.
    3.Powerful management platformTerminal equipment can be unified management, but also can be grouped management.
    Material management approval mechanism.

    Advertising module split-screen customization features.
    Advertisement editing and real-time managing function.
    Advertising content encryption Convenient terminal command: screenshots instruction, volume control instruction, timer switch instructions, etc.Traffic statistics Powerful reporting statistics.
    Support functions:DTMB TV display Streaming media, IP stream, local video playback Advertisement split-screen displayReal-time monitoring Voice calls Elevator parameter display Elevator warning function
    Appease, rescue guide Advertisement material management, free layout, advertisement encryption delivery function.

    Video, images, subtitles, web pages, document composition display function.
    Video encryption function: increased security Integrated 3G communication module, WiFi communication module, RJ45 port.
    \Traffic statistics and current limit alarm.Timing volume function Timer switch function Platform support instruction: screenshots instruction, boot instruction, shutdown instruction, restart instruction, school instruction, volume adjustment instruction.
    Firmware online upgrade function 19-inch, 21.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 Easy to deploy, easy to use: B / S architecture control platform

  • 3D panoramaparking assist system through the wide-angle cameras installed on the vehicle tocapture images around vehicle: Through the image processing unit,reducing distortion,angle conversion, image stitching and image enhancement, finally forming apanorama around vehicle based on the third person view. Unlike the 2D AVM,itspicture is closer to the real world three-dimensional space, it can arbitraryangle switching, in order to see distant objects around.providea more intuitive and richer auxiliary driving image information for the driver,improve driving comfort and safety.

  • Aftera year of research and development, Xiamen XOCECO new technology launched the firstgeneration of HUD product for Busworld Kortrijk in October 2015,this productusing advanced TIDLP optics projection technology, with high brightness, high contrast,brilliant colors and other features.Using split design, host placed on top ofthe instrument panel,directly in front of the steering wheel, the displayportion (transparent panels) placed under the windshield, the user can adjustthe front and rear direction, select the appropriate installation position toachieve the best display effect.

  • Withthe social progress and needs of driving safety, improve bus driver’senvironment has become increasingly urgent, many bus isolate the cockpit andpassenger’s area, to reducing the external environment interference frompassenger’s area and outside, to ensure that driver and driving safety.However,the diver after isolation, the driver can not listen to the music andnews broadcasts, in order to solve the problem,our company developed a specialdual-zone DCD player GSS-07, both ensure driver and passenger to enjoy thejourney, but also ensure driver and driving safety.

  • In order to enhance the cohesion of every department and show the vitality of every sibling, Labor Union of Likego organize a fascinating fun competition on August 26th. Over 100 siblings from 11 departments came and joined the competition. The contents of the competition included Collective Rope-jumping, Collective Shuttlecock-kicking and Crab Bearing Watermelon. “Friendship First, Competition Second” guided all players approach to high, the competition started from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. in the afternoon.
    After the match, the first three rank came out and were given certificate of honor and bonus as rewards. At last, every sibling took a groupphoto to memorize this beautiful moment.

  • Xoceco/Likego has developed some new products in 2015. Such as Car HUD(Head Up Display System); Car Projector; 3D AVM(Around View Monitor) System; Car Video Recorder; Car Air Purifier etc.

  • XOCECO/LIKEGO will participate in the Busworld Kortrijk 2015 as exhibitor from October 16-21. Stand Number: 975.

  • Kunping You, minister of Economy Ministry of Trade union federation of Xiamen led his leading group to visit XIAMEN XOCECO NEW TECHNIC CO., LTD on the afternoon of July 31st. He asked the pension standard of heatstroke prevention in our company in detail, if all working staff received the high temperature subsidy and the measures of heat control working under the high temperature etc. He also encouraged labor union in our company to provide more assistance in preventing hot weather, and ensured all working staff to get lawful rights and interests.
    Then, XIAMEN XOCECO NEW TECHNIC CO., LTD organized members of labor union to offer gifts as an expression of gratitude or appreciation sympathy or solicitude to every staff provided by federation of trade unions. This showed the spirit of “Caring for People, Serving People”, putting slogan into actions. It also made staff feel deeply nice and warm.

  • Viewing new force in coach industry, Likego Entering Top 30 of Top 10 Growing Brands. The rapid advance of automobile industry ushers in the infinite prospect in the vehicle related industry in China. The aftermarket of automotive electronics becomes one of them. A continuing growth of China’s car ownership and increasing demand of automotive electronic products leads a good prospect to China’s aftermarket of automotive electronics. It also attracts more capitals and entrepreneur to join this field.    To show this thriving prospect, HC Network held “Ruizhun Cup·2014 Brand Event in Automobile Electronics Industry” whose theme is“Win· Share in China”. This event sets awards called “Top 10 Growing Brand of 2014”in the business of Automobile electronics.    By 0 o’clock of May 7th 2015, top 30 of top 50 in the voting system by popular votes shutdown automatically. Top 30 came out of 5 awards in “Top 10 Growing Brand”.   XIAMEN XOCECO NEW TECHNIC CO., LTD successfully got into top 30 and ranked 2nd place with total vote of 21805. Then, the selection entered into next offline review stage formed by buyer research and expert review from May and June. Considering the strength and strong growth,  XIAMEN XOCECO NEW TECHNIC CO., LTD will sure enter “Top 10 Growing Brand”, and become new power in China’s Automobile Electronics Industry.                        

  • XOCECO/LIKEGO participated in the Busworld Kortrijk 2013 as exhibitor from October 16-21. Stand Number: 819B.

  • Source: "The central government portal" Reporter: Xinhua News Agency Li Xueren May 11, 2009                        

  • The largest, most professional Coach&Bus exhibition, 2007BUSWORLD EUROPE, was held on Oct., 19-24 at Kortrijk, Belgium. At this exhibition XNT ( short for Xiamen XOCECO New Technic) launched its new wide-screen LCD monitor series: 17”/19”/22” wide-screen monitor, 17”/19” wide-screen smart-motorized monitors. Other state-of-art products such as 8.4” smart-motorized LCD monitor, sound selector, multi-channel audio/video systems also greeted visitors well!                  

  • BUSWORLD ASIA 2007----During March 13 through 15, we exhibited at BUSWORLD ASIA 2007 (Shanghai station).                        Taking advantages of this professional fair, we showed our updated coach&bus entertainment systems and solutions. All systems especially newly developed products, such as 8.4” and 17” Smart-Motorized LCD Monitors, greeted visitors and media journalists very much.

    And more, we won the Best Electronic Equipment of the year—BAAV Awards 2007, we also are the award winners of 2004 and 2005.         Next step, we will show ourselves again at BUSWORLD EUROPE2007 (Belgium) hold in October this year, looking forward to meeting you in Belgium.                        

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