Passenger Car Product>>Car Radio with Bluetooth Diagnosis CRM-01
Car Radio with Bluetooth Diagnosis CRM-01
Product Advantage: Car diagnosis via Bluetooth, enabling users to check vehicle status
Product Specification:

Function: FM/AM Radio, USB Music Playing, USB Charging, Bluetooth Music Playing, Bluetooth Car Diagnosis, Controlled by Button on Steering Wheel,  Voice Alert

Media: Support MP3 and WMA

Storage: CD, U Disk

Range of Working Voltage:9V~16V

Rated Current:≤5A

Max Power Output:2*25W VCC=14V,RL=4Ω

Working Temp.:-30℃~80℃

Storage Temp.:-40℃~85℃

Dark Current:≤1mA

Installation: Concealed, Fixed by Bracket

Size:187*140*60mm (Product Size, Bracket not Included)

Certification and Testing: EMC, Fire Retardant V0

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