Joint Design for Tier 1
Our experienced hardware, software and mechanical engineers can join your design efforts, identify possible issues and make suggestions for design optimization.
Strong Manufacturing Engineering
Decades of EMS manufacturing experiences for top brands in the world enable us to be highly professional and develop expertise in manufacturing engineering. And We use the expertise to make quality products for Tier 1s.
Manufacturing Capability
  • Smart Factory
    Not only we have multimillion square feet manufacturing facilities, but also we are building a smart factory that can serve our customers better.
  • Features of Our Smart Manufacturing

    1. World-class quality, SMT Single PPM target, through rate > 99%

    2. On time delivery in full >99%

    3. Customized industrial testing robots check on each critical process

    4. Global supply chain integration, JIT pull production

    5. Sharing real time production data worldwide

    6. Low cost, high quality, visibility, consistency

  • Modules for Smart Manufacturing

    1. Program Transmission Management for Automated Assembly Lines

    2. Measuring and Monitoring Parameters of Automated Production

    3. Quality Traceability Management for Each Manufacturing Process

    4. After Sales Management Lasting to End of Product Life Cycle

  • Smart Manufacturing Process

    1. Electronic labels are applied to each item, each equipment, each unit of material and each employee throughout production cycle in smart factory.

    2. Temperature, humidity, noise, pollution level and other characteristics of physical environment are measured.

    3. Organic data collection and management are applied to each work order, each process, each work station, each machine, and each employee throughout all manufacturing processes.

  • Our Future Smart Factory

    1. Autonomous System: The system can collect and understand the data of itself and surroundings. And it can analyze the data and guide its own actions based on the output of analysis.

    2. Practice of Integrated Visualization Technology: Combining signals processing, analytics, and multimedia technology, the system visualizes the designing and manufacturing processes in real environment using augmented reality.

    3. Coordination, Reformation, and Extension: Each organization in the system assumes suitable work tasks and forms optimized organizational structure by itself.

    4. Self-learning and Self-maintenance: With self-learning function of the system, the system can insert and update records in database during production, make diagnosis on issues automatically, perform trouble shooting and fix the issues.

    5. Man-machine Coexistence: People and machines coordinate and cooperate with each other, complementing each other at different levels.

  • Industrial Robots
    Multi-Axis Motion Control Platform
    Working Principle: Position items (such as PCB boards) to be processed precisely. And write programs based on standard values of time, velocity, force and other parameters required for processing. Processing is done on multi-axis motion control platform controlled by smart system.
    Variation in assembling parameters is strictly controlled with smart system to ensure reliability and consistency of product quality. Thanks to IOT technology, remote monitoring is realized. The Robots can be programmed easily and fast, adjustable to different sizes of items to be processed. Man-machine cooperation is helpful to improve production efficiency, reduce wastage, ensure safety in production, improve product quality, and reduce manufacturing cost significantly.
    We use the industrial robots extensively in single point or multi-points standardized processing, such as automated welding of PCB and electronic components, automated locking screws, automated dispensing, etc.
  • Dust Free Workshop
UMS & Quality Management

Benefited from leading knowledge and practice in the convergence fields of informatization and industrialization, Likego adopts high standard in process design and quality control, from product design all the way to mass production, to ensure superiority of product quality.

Quality Policy: Customer First, Quality First, Systematic Management, Striving for Greatness, Green Production, Taking Precaution, Honest Management, Win-Win Cooperation

UMS Quality Control

Production Quality Control: UMS enables real time data collection during production regarding quality inspection for different product models/working sections/projects, and automatically records quality issues, so quality personnel employees can analyze the data and fix the issues.

Quality Assurance---Development of Quality Management System

7S model has been adopted companywide in Likego to facilitate a scientific, standardized, appropriate and effective management system. R&D, Production, Sales, After Sales, Supply Chain, and Finance are integrated in a single platform of UMS system to achieve professional, efficient and low cost operation.

Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

We provide Tier 1s competitive Total Cost of Ownership.

1. Our scale of purchasing power as a group reduces cost of material.

2. Vertical integration keeps our cost down.

3. High product quality will save your after sales cost.

Fast Prototype
We have sense of urgency in our organization. Very often, our engineers work overtime to catch tight deadlines and shorten the period from product concept/design to prototype. Our expertise in technology and engineering helps us move fast and be reliable. We have total control over PCB layout, SMT, mechanical ID design, tooling, injection, assembly and testing.
Support NPI for Tier 1
We support NPI for Tier 1s by joint designing, fast prototyping, and scaling up mass production rapidly. With our help, Tier 1s can launch their new products faster and have more confidence in the new product development.
Vertical Integration
We have organizations and facilities to perform all the related activities to deliver quality automotive electronics. We have total control over all of them. Thus, we can provide Tier 1s:
On Time Delivery
We understand it is very important to deliver goods on time, so Tier 1s and their customers can launch their products as scheduled. And we are capable to do it well.
  • We have well established planning and scheduling business processes, like S&OP, master scheduling and MRP.
  • We monitor the status of our material closely. Actions such as expediting material may be taken for any problem that might cause a delay.
  • Machines are well maintained.
  • Turnover for employees is low.
  • Our expertise in manufacturing engineering minimizes the production risks.
Supply Chain Management &Visibility to Tier 1
Tier 1s will have the visibility throughout supply chain, from material status, production status, shipping status, etc. We will report any of these to you upon requests. Any change that can cause a delay will be reported and countermeasures will be taken to mitigate the risks.
  • Responsive and flexible

    We have people supporting customers locally in US. Tier 1s will enjoy the best service from our sales team, technical engineers and after sales personnel. As always, we are committed to be responsive to any of your requests and be flexible to meet your changes. Customer First is our motto and part of our company culture.

  • Protect Tier 1's Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property such as designs are Tier 1s valuable assets. As an ODM/OEM supplier, we well understand this and take it serious. We will keep them as top secrets and not disclose to any other party.

  • After Sales Warranty

    We keep our promise and deliver after sales commitments as we mutually agreed in our contracts.

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  • Overseas Sales
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  • Group Companies

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