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What is Intretech?

We are smart manufacturing leaders, helping technology businesses solve complex manufacturing challenges. Our factories in China, Malaysia, and Hungary, along with 1600 smart manufacturing engineers are helping some of the world’s leading brands to take products to market.

trusted by global leaders
"Intretech has streamlined our manufacturing process and improved our efficiency with their exceptional smart manufacturing services. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their operations to the next level."
CEO at office
Steve Angelo
CEO of IRC Global

Sectors We Work With

Augmented Reality Technologies

- Clean room (10k) & optical assembly​
- Camera vision systems for precision assembly​
- Flex PCB automation​
- High-precision glue dispensing & assembly​

High Volume Consumer Electronics

- HMI design, engineering & manufacture​.
- FATP (Final assembly test & packing)​
- App development & Connectivity​
- Manufacturing analytics & reporting​ ​

Gaming & Peripherals

- Liquid cooling technology​ ​
- Custom automation of multi-SKU assemblies​ ​
- Metal forming & assembly​ ​
- Traceability & stock management (UMS system)​ ​ ​

Automotive Technologies

​- Multi-cav this wall injection moulding​ ​
- Overmould / multi-shot tooling​ ​
- SMT / PCBA / F-PCB​ ​
-Custom testing jigs and software​ ​

IoT & Connectivity

- BT, Wifi and connectivity R&D​ ​
- Mechanical & mechatronics R&D (DFMEA, TA, DFA/DFX)​
​ - Colours, materials & finishes (CMF)​ ​
- Custom automation solutions (sub-assembly & full assembly)​ ​

Medical & Healthcare

- ISO 13485 manufacturing​ ​
- CE/UL/FCC certification​ ​
- Automated Accelerated lifecycle testing (ALT)​ ​
-Modular (micro-factory) automation​

the numbers

Global Footprint

Trusted already by some of the World’s largest product brands 

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Years Experience

1400 +

HW/SW Engineers

8500 +


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Owned Factories

Manufacturing close to your key markets


- Main head quarter
- Location: Xiamen, China
- Total usable area: 202,000 sqm


- Second Largest factory
- Location: Johor Baru, Malaysia
- Total Manufacturing area: 210,000sqm


- EU Factory
- Location: Kapuvar, Hungary
- Total Usable Area: 23,000 sqm


Coming Q4 2023

Smart Manufacturing Experts

Why Intretech?

Single point of contact

EU/US/Asia technical single point of contact to ensure a smooth project delivery

Domain Expertise

From helping clients to revolutionise a consumer electronics product category to scaling up production for a global Electronics Homecraft brand

In-house Service

From design/R&D to mass production. All in-house capabilities guarantee smooth integration, helping you simplify your supply chain

Not a "one size fits all" company.

We understand the complexities of scaling of products. Your challenges are unique, so will be our solutions.

Smart Manufacturing Experts

Part of the Intretech Group

Talk to one of our Smart Manufacturing engineers


I have a product concept and want to create a prototype, what do you need from me to start the process?

All we need is your industrial design. From there, we will develop the GPS (General Product Specification) and create detailed EE (Electrical Engineering) and ME (Mechanical Engineering) designs for your review before we begin building the prototype. This ensures that the prototype meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. 

How does your solution help clients with industry-specific challenges?

Our solution has domain expertise built around key segments such as consumer electronics, automotive, audio, and automation, with dedicated factories and technical resources for each of these segments. This allows us to provide clients with experts in these areas, helping them solve their product and industry-specific challenges. Its highly likely that we have already solved a similar manufacturing problem for another client in their segment, which gives us the knowledge and experience to provide effective solutions to our clients. 

What are the benefits of your solution's all in-house manufacturing capabilities?

Our solution offers all in-house manufacturing capabilities, which guarantees the customer a simplified supply chain, with all services covered under a single roof. This means that the customer has a better manufacturing experience, invests less effort in managing suppliers, and can rely on a single point of contact for all their manufacturing needs. Additionally, having all manufacturing capabilities in-house allows us to maintain quality control and deliver much higher quality products to our customers. 

Does the size of my company matter?

Intretech provides expertise in managing and working with contract manufacturers globally, offering a mixed approach that balances cost, speed, and quality. They are open to working with companies of all sizes, including start-ups, and differentiate themselves from the top 5 contract manufacturers by providing a better customer experience, scalability, and global resources. 

What services does Intretech offer to help their customers bring products to market quickly and efficiently?

Intretech offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions, including product design, R&D, NPI, certification, and mass production. We specialize in implementing automation, robotics, and smart manufacturing systems to help our customers scale up production, improve quality, precision, and reduce waste. By offering a range of services at the closest possible manufacturing location, Intretech can help our customers achieve shorter lead times and lower costs. 

How can Intretech help with various manufacturing challenges?

Intretech offers a range of capabilities to help clients with cost concerns, lack of internal R&D resources, limited production volume, and automation needs. With a presence in Asia and Europe, their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, ISO certifications, and timely communication provide competitive manufacturing costs. With access to over 1,600 engineers, Intretech can offer R&D resources to clients. They also have dedicated automation capabilities and expertise in industry 4.0, robotics, and product testing. 

How does Intretech handle IP?

Intretech has recognized the challenges facing many other companies with respect to intellectual property (IP) concerns. In response, Intretech has implemented robust security and quality control protocols, including ISO certifications, to address these concerns and provide peace of mind to their clients.

What manufacturing capabilities does Intretech have for products requiring cleanroom production?

Intretech has an experienced and technically proficient manufacturing partner capable of assembling high-precision products, such as optical and medical devices, in a cleanroom environment. This allows Intretech to provide their clients with the highest level of quality and reliability in the manufacturing of their highly sensitive products.